For Rent

Either you’ve moved into a new city, or your current landlord is consistently up surging the rents, don’t do a bit delay and readily approach My Kirayedar to get the home that fulfills all your requirement in your budget.

My Kirayedar provides you an excellent chance to entirely change your lifestyle by offering you an immense number of houses for rent to choose from.

My Kirayedarproposeshomes for rents that consist of all the essential resources and are surrounded by healthcare establishments, academic institutions, shopping complexes,and what not!

Nearness to nature and green environment appends the beauty of these homes and makes them even more beautiful. Apart from this, they incorporate every facility to give you comfort and peace of mind.

To maintain the transparency and reliability of the deal, we clearly state all the terms and conditions in prior. We make sure that no threads remain loose at the time when the final contract is being signed.

Amenities and Highlights:-

2 BHK Flats/Apartments for Rent in Paharia, Varanasi - 1030 Sq.ft.

3 BHK Flats/Apartments for Rent in Chitaipur, Varanasi - 800 Sq.ft.

2 BHK Flats/Apartments for Rent in Sigra, Varanasi - 1213 Sq.ft.

3 BHK Houses/Villas for Rent in Chhittupur, Varanasi - 2120 Sq.ft.

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